Thursday, September 27, 2007

Somewhere Lovely

I need to be somewhere lovely today.

In my mind it’s about time for a trip to Italy. But as wise readers know, parents of college boys don’t go casually jetting off to the Amalfi Coast like a couple of Hiltons.

So, just for today, I’m wrapping myself in memories stored up from a couple of summers ago when I took this photo on a beautiful, cloudless day in Ravello. High above cliffs overlooking the sea, the Villa Cimbrone is famous for its “Terrace of the Infinite.” Writer Gore Vidal called it the most beautiful panorama in the world and since my travels have been limited, I give him this.

May you find a special and beautiful place to restore your spirit today, if only in your memories.


Lorelei said...

That is a beautiful photo -- I bet the memory is even more so. The most beautiful place I've been so far in my life is the Turks & Caicos Islands. I would like to retire there one day.

Marion said...

The energies are particularly potent today, Sheila...the moon is almost full, as well. Be mindful, then, of conflicting emotions caused by these things.

Reflections bring forth creativity, as witnessed by the incredible photo you posted...I love your artistic photography. They illustrate the love you feel for your subject very well!

Take care, today, my friend...not so long ago that you lost a valued member of your family.

Sarge Charlie said...

Catching the big bird on 10/15, I will be looking somewhere

Joe said...

Sit back and enjoy the place you need to be...and while you're there, may you find rest, and your soul find peace, if only for the fleeting moment of a dream...

Take care

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

looks lovely to me!!!

smiles, bee

Sheila said...

Turks & Caicos, that must be lovely if you want to retire there. Italy is where my husband wants to retire. The problem will be finding the part of it that's affordable.

Thank you for your kind words. You, who not too long ago lost your mother, are here extending kindness to me.

Sometimes a moment is enough.

Sarge and Empress Bee,
In slightly over two weeks you'll be setting out on that adventure. Promise lots of photos and witty observations.

Kilroy_60 said...


Personally, I hope Alabama Kitchen Sink never changes. It seems too perfect.

Thanks for joining in the Blog Rodeo.


Sheila said...

Always happy to go to a Rodeo.

Marsha said...

Did you get a chance to go to Pompei while you were in the area? I loved Pompei. I also had the best lasagne of my life in that area. I have been on a quest to duplicate it ever since, no such luck. Beautiful picture. Jeff was stationed in Italy for three years we had the time of our lives. Good memories.

Naomi said...

Beautiful photo Sheila - I escaped with you! Thank you for sharing that with us. Took me back to my Italian holiday earlier this year!

Sheila said...

I know you must have many fine memories of your Italian travels too. There is just something about Italy that restores my spirit--even virtually.