Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Music Memories

I haven’t bought any new Christmas music this year, but if Oprah’s embrace of Barack Obama is as successful as her endorsement of Josh Groban’s new CD, Noel, we will have him as our Democratic presidential nominee.

Today as I write, Chris Isaak Christmas is playing on my computer. I love his Pretty Paper rendition, and his Mele Kalikimaka is playful when traditional grows old. A Charlie Brown Christmas with the Vince Guaraldi Trio is classic as is Nat King Cole’s Christmas Favorites. You can’t top Aaron Neville’s Soulful Christmas with its Louisiana Christmas Day. These are all some of my favorites.

However, I can’t help but think back to the Christmas music I grew up with--Burl Ives’ and A Holly Jolly Christmas, Gene Autry with Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer. Later today, I’ll sit down at the piano and plunk out a few tunes, most likely written by Johnny Marks. I will start and stop when I hit the inevitable sour note. And when I’m through, I’ll be smiling and I’ll be happy. Music does that to me.

For now, though, I work at the computer and sip my lemon lift tea and hope the ice storm is not so bad.


Lorelei said...

When I was little I used to listen to my grandmother's Burl Ives’ Christmas record on her record player over and over again, all year long.

Marion said...

What a lovely post! You've inspired me to find some Christmas music and listen to it. That quiet, introspective part of Christmas has been portrayed really well, in your post.

Thank you...a super gift!

Sarge Charlie said...

Man oh man, I came to the sink and saw a photo of my childhood hero. I would see him on Saturday Morning at the movie on Broad Street, Rome GA

Sheila said...

I wish I still had a turntable for my old records.

Hope you found that music to reflect your mood.

I loved Gene Autry too but Roy Rogers was my cowboy hero. The Lone Ranger was cool too. Happy Trails to You!

Dave Richards said...

Your post made me nostalgic. Gene Autry was my favourite and our Christmas celebration without the classic Christmas songs were incomplete.

Sheila said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment Dave. I think this time of year is a perfect time to let the memories flow over us. In my mind I can be a girl of about 9 or 10 barely able to contain my excitement. Those of you with young children, please bookmark these times for later retrieval. Christmas does change as our children and we grow older. Somehow the anticipation I used to feel is now so lacking I wonder what's the matter with me.

floridagirl said...

When I hear Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" I always think of my Grandmother Catherine. She had the original 78 recording . She is still kicking in Montgomery, Alabama and knowing her, she still has the record!!!

Elizabeth said...

I think Chris Isaak's Christmas album is the best to come out in recent years. It showcases his versatility, humor and most of all, his gorgeous voice.

Sheila said...

I hope your grandmother hangs onto to the 78. I wish I still had my mom's old records.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who loves Chris Isaak's music. I love his voice and never tire of listening.