Thursday, December 06, 2007

Unique Christmas Gift Idea

I made this personal gift for my two sons three years ago. I compiled some favorite recipes and designed the cards where they fit into a CD jewel case, which flips over to provide a stand for the recipe. It is definitely a unique Christmas gift, because the recipes are family favorites that the guys insist upon when I cook a holiday meal.

I kept to one theme with the artwork I chose for the project; in this case, I selected old copyright-free etchings. You could take a more contemporary approach if that’s your style or the intended recipient’s style. I designed the cards on my computer and printed the project on cardstock on my Epson printer. I trimmed the cards with an xtacto-knife (please, please be careful if you attempt this project) and assembled the contents. Wrap the jewel case with kraft paper and a pretty wired fabric ribbon, and you have a very personal Christmas gift than costs only your time and the packaging materials.

You can also create a strictly electronic version of the project, but I like having the recipes close at hand when cooking.

Note: I can work with you to create your own family’s favorite recipe CD if you are interested. E-mail me for details. Also, coming for January, I will be offering custom recipe calendars through my shop at CafePress.


Sarge Charlie said...

that was a thoughtful gift just as your kind birthday wish was, thanks.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

how lovely! i made a 3 ring notebook of mine, i am old school! ha ha

smiles, bee

Lorelei said...

What a nice gift idea!

Marion said...

Now this is amazing! What a great idea...and that custom recipe calendar. I love it and will visit CafePress today sometime to see what I need to do.

Your boys are very lucky to have such a creative, innovative Mom. This is super, Sheila!

Sheila said...

Thanks everyone. Marion, I haven't put the new design up yet but hope to have it there soon.

Miss Trashahassee said...

Super idea. You can't place a value on that type of gift. It's the best kind to receive.

Miss T

Naomi said...

That's such a great idea Sheila. You are so creative and talented. You can't put a price on gifts like this. I'm sure your family will treasure them for many years to come.