Thursday, August 16, 2007

Boo Hoo Hoo

Nope, if you thought that was I, it was some other mom or dad when we said our farewells yesterday. Son asked, “Aren’t you going to cry?” “I’ll miss you, and I’ll do it later,” I said, hoping he didn’t mind that really I had already gotten most of the crying out of my system before we even laid eyes on Hendrix College.

It was a jam-packed two days with information sessions (family had a separate 2-day schedule full enough to satisfy most helicopter parents), boxes lugged up to a third floor temporarily-shared dorm room (with a RA or resident assistant if you’ve forgotten the lingo), mad dashes to Wal-Mart and Target and a realization that I (we) are not alone in the letting go process. Dad called from Springfield and said, “I passed his room and saw Paddington Bear sitting in Scott’s desk chair. And it hit me.” This from the man who until that call had shown little of the angst to which I openly admitted.

The next days will fly by for Scott. There are classes to pick, and tomorrow he heads out on a camping and water skiing trip designed to help ease the transition and create new bonds.

Me, I have some medical appointments and that new job to find. Stay cool.


Marion said...

Sounds as if now it is done, you have accepted it...funny how that works...I'm the same.

I went on a rampage of cooking...sending parcels of cookies, etc...every few days, it seemed, lol.

That heat wave you're experiencing must be something else! We have cool, thundery, showery weather...its been one of those iffy summers.

Sharon Lynne said...

How exciting to be starting college and livng away from home! The camping and water skiing trip sounds fun.

You are very lucky and must be proud of your son as he strikes into new territory both physically, mentally and emotionally.

May he do well!

Sarge Charlie said...

He will do well, look at his blood line, mom........

KJ said...

I'm reading your post and I'm crying!!! Gee... My 20 year old daughter is going to college locally, but I sure don't even want to think of her changing her mind!

I'm excited for the things that lie ahead for YOU, too!


Jay Croft said...

"The next days will fly by for Scott. There are classes to pick, and tomorrow he heads out on a camping and water skiing trip designed to help ease the transition and create new bonds."

He will be fine. And so will you and his Dad. Fear not.

Sheila said...

I'm already planning a package for next week of a few forgotten things. It is supposed to turn a few degrees cooler, but it's been the hottest summer I can remember since 1995 when 600 people died in Chicago.

Thank you so much. Yes, all of the freshers (that what the college calls them) are headed off on weekend trips this afternoon. Several trips involving camping, canoeing, swimming, horsebacking riding and water skiing as in the case with Scott's. Then some students will be working on a Habitat for Humanity house and a bunch are going to Hot Springs to shop and hang out.

Hope you are right.

Does your daughter live nearby or at home? Our older son lived at home a year while attending college and just having him around was fun.

Your words of encouragement always make me feel better. Thanks. Scott has called to let us know how the class scheduling turned out and to tell us how the parties and activities have been. I expect that soon the calls will be fewer and farther apart.

Marsha said...

Helicopter parents, that was priceless. He is well prepared and in a safe environment. I imagine the letting go part of parenting is one of the hardest bits. I am excited to hear about your new job.

Marion said...

How did I miss questioning the medical appointments? I hope everything is alright, Sheila...take good care.

Sheila said...

I do feel this small college environment is a safe one and there seems to be in place a safety-net of faculty and staff ready to step in should trouble arise. Don't have the new job just yet. I am looking and what everyone says about being over 50 and looking for work is true. I'll eventually find it.

One of those bad things about moving is that new doctors must be found. I've found a good one, had a Dexa scan for the osteoporis which is now showing up in my spine, endured a colonoscopy this morning which showed no problems, getting the mammo on Monday and seeing the new oncologist that afternoon. I feel fine and hope that these appointments will be all that's needed for a while. You are so sweet to ask when I know you are mostly likely still reeling from your mother's passing.

Dirty Butter said...

I, too, was so intent on reading about your son's new adventure that I missed the reference to going to the doctor. Glad to hear the colonoscopy went well.

If you can find that blue elephant, the young fellow I've been writing about on my blogs definitely wants it, Shelia!!

Sheila said...

Yeah. I'm a wimp but just the prep nearly did me in. The colonoscopy itself was a snap and we went out to lunch afterward.

I'll e-mail son to see if the elephant is available and if he would part with it.