Friday, August 17, 2007

With This Ring. . .

Thirty-six years passed before one of us lost a ring. For a while last year I didn’t wear mine because it had been cut off of my finger when a broken arm started swelling. I finally got our favorite jewelry store to repair and resize it. But while we were in Chicago recently, husband took his wedding ring off to wash grease off of his hands in a downtown movie theatre bathroom. In a panic he returned as soon as he realized what he’d done only to find the ring missing. Perhaps we could have scoured the pawn shops if there’d been more time.

If you know of anyone who might steer us toward a similar ring, wide yellow gold with a design, I’d appreciate it.


Sank said...

1) it's always the man isn't it.
2) Congratulations to your husband I made exactly 12 days before I lost mine 23 years ago. Walking on the beat. I haven't found a design I like yet to replace it.

I keep looking.

Mrs. S replaced it with new diamond earrings years ago.

Sheila said...

It does seem that way. He was so upset with himself. Nothing we've seen online seems right so far.

Sarge Charlie said...

Nice post shelia

Dirty Butter said...

My DH slung his off out in our own yard while doing some yard work, after he had lost some weight. We never did find it. We figure one of the pickup help we've had over the years found it and kept it, as you would expect eventually that it would show up, otherwise. We never did try to replace it, as he has bad arthritis in his fingers, anyway.

My solution to the problem? I never took mine off, ever. Now, my fingers are larger at the knuckles, and they won't come off. I've even had surgery with them on. LOL

Sheila said...

Thanks Sarge.

We've had things turn up after thinking they were lost, but I have to agree that maybe someone found it and kept it. I hardly ever take mine off but felt naked without it before I had it resized and repaired.

Sarge Charlie said...

To answer your question about the Med, we are due to go to Rome in early October, cruise the Med and then trans Atlantic all on the same ship, Carnival Freedom, (new ship) It is a little up in the air at the moment, we just learned that Miss Bee has some medical problems. Next week will bring a lot of answers.

Sheila said...

The waiting and getting all of the facts before taking action is always the hardest whatever we are looking at. I just want to jump in and do something. I will keep you and especially Miss Bee in my thoughts as you face this week. That cruise is something to look forward to.

natalie said...

So sorry to hear about the ring. My parents got the wrong size for my dad 37 years ago and never bothered to replace it. They just sold their high school class rings the other day, but think they will always keep his wedding band in my mom's jewelry box. Guess things have worked just fine without wearing it!

After having a ring that long I know the sentimental value is the hardest part to replace. good luck on your search.

Sheila said...

I had no idea how common it was to lose a ring. Bill told me just yesterday that he had gotten a campus-wide e-mail from a husband who was pleading for help in locating his lost ring. And he mentioned, "Please don't tell my wife."

Your parents seem to have done fine without your dad wearing the ring and Bill may end up not replacing it. I wasn't upset but knew he was but he's always losing something.

Marion said...

Ummm...I was the one who lost my wedding ring, when I was married. I never replaced it, either...both marriages went the way of the ether before I could, lol.

I'm like Bill...I'm always losing something anyway, lol!

Sheila said...

You too Marion? Yep, most of his stuff eventually turns up. We once found his wallet on the way to the police station to report it missing.

Miss Trashahassee said...

Oh my goodness! I think I would have cried.

I lost my wedding ring at work once (years ago) but didn't know it until someone turned it in at the reception desk. It had slipped off my finger in the truck repair garage. This was shortly after my first son was born and my metabolism had gone wacky, sending me into a pin-thin state that I only dream about ever again attaining. I didn't realize until that day that my wedding ring had become about two sizes too big! I'm just glad the person was honest and turned it in instead of keeping it.

You never know: Your hubby's ring may show up one day. Stranger things have happened!

Miss T

Sheila said...

Miss T,
I'm impressed you were back at work so soon. Glad your coworkers were honest.