Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Yes, You Can Go Home Again. Sort Of.

Interstate highways mostly obscure historic Route 66 these days although you can pick up sections of the old road as you travel from Chicago westward. One particularly delightful stop along the way is in St. Louis, Missouri. We hadn’t been to Ted Drewes in several years and despite the rampant overgrowth of the town, I navigated the family Camry right there to our Mecca on Chippewa just as if time had stopped. Surprisingly, I was the one so intent on stopping. The guys were anxious to get home to television and a soft sofa to rest on after a long day in the car.

Maybe Ted Drewes is foreign to you. If so, I must implore you to seek out Ted Drewes if you are ever in the vicinity of St. Louis. And what dear gentle and curious readers is this Ted Drewes I speak so highly of? Some of the best frozen custard--a. k. a. ice cream--my friends. Okay, time has robbed my memory of what sundae I used to routinely get once a week. But I think Cardinal Sin with gooey hot fudge and tart cherries was awfully close.

And while time had moved on like a drop of Mississippi River water, Ted Drewes’ frozen custard was as good as I remembered.


Sarge Charlie said...

If I ever make it back to St Louis, I will have to check old Ted Drewes. This stuff is good as grits.

Oh by the way, I am tagging you do do a stupid meme, come over to my place for the rules.

Sheila said...

It's better than grits, Sarge. Probably about the same amount of calories and a ton more fat unless you put a lot of butter in your grits. My guys eat them with sugar like cream of wheat and for the life of me, that doesn't seem very southern.

St. Louis has a ton more cool places. Last week I got lost and saw a lot of the city before I found my way over to I-44 when in town to drop off my son at the airport. Two trips to and one through and back in two weeks gave me a real good look at the town again.

KJ said...

I so miss Route 66! This restaurant looks like a lot of fun and a fabulous eat! I wish I lived close enough! Unfortunately, I'm in Southern CA. I just discovered your blog! Very nice!

Best Blessings, kj

Sheila said...

It is. And it's been around forever. Now Southern California is one area that's totally foreign to me. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.