Friday, August 10, 2007

How Could I Forget the Dog?

Here's granddog Monte, the exuberant one-year-old English Springer Spaniel. He’s a chocolate and white--okay he’s officially a liver and white, but Monte’s human mom says it should be changed from the liver, and I’m with her. And don’t write me all you liver lovers out there and tell me there’s nothing wrong with liver. Don’t wanna hear it.

He is fun and so full of life. Well, except for that morning he thought getting up at 4 a.m. was a good idea. Course, I didn’t have to get up. That’s the beauty of a granddog, isn’t it?

Anyway, here’re photos of the handsome boy taken over the weekend.


Dirty Butter said...

I don't want another dog. I don't want another dog. I don't want another dog. Please don't show any more pictures of this adorable pooch. I don't think I can stand it. LOL

Sarge Charlie said...

A handsome boy for sure, when you get old pets screw up your lifestyle, since we live in a no pet building in Florida we have to pass.

Marion said...

Oh, just look at his nose...this is a purely beautiful canine...I hope you find your puppy soon.

If you don't find one, I have two (older) boys that would probably love you, lol!

Seriously, I've never been without a dog in my life. After these two, I think I'll take a rest...a long one!

WI Mommy said...

I love Springer uncle had two while I was growing up and they were my favorite pals. They do come with a lot of energy though!!

Sheila said...

Dirty Butter,
Yep, he's the reason I'm thinking so hard about another dog. If only he was ugly.

I understand. I'd want to live in a loft if I could still have a dog. I don't know that any around here allow them.

These days the old dogs seem to be living longer and so it's no telling how long you will continue to be owned.

wi mommy,
I can imagine two springers would keep one busy. It's so fun to watch this guy at the dog park, running like a racehorse and barely getting winded.

KJ said...


I told Sarge that I visited your site and you tagged me before I was out the door! Ok, a little exageration! Just wanted you to know that I "meme'd" and you can check out the dear souls on my site. I referenced you, too! I even included something nice that you had said.

Oh happy day!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i love all three of my granddogs and keep them when i can, what fun! they love to do tricks for me, silly things!

smiles, bee

Miss Trashahassee said...

"Saaave the livah!"

Isn't that what the French Chef used to say?

Miss T

P.S. I want that dog.

Jay Croft said...

What IS that first picture?

Sheila said...

I'll be by to check it out just as soon as I finish reading these here comments. Thanks.

I've already volunteered to dogsit but we aren't too close.

Miss T,
Son would know the French Chef reference.

He was smelling the camera as I snapped. Can't you tell? Big nose, right?

Jay Croft said...

I finally figured it out. At first I thought it was something X-rated.

Naomi said...

Wonderful photos of Monte Sheila. He's such a beautiful, lovable dog. I like the way he's tweaking his nose! I'm sure you're very proud of him. Hmm makes me want to get another dog! Sigh!!

Naomi said...

P.S. Stop by my blog you've won another award!

Sheila said...

He is a beautiful dog and so full of life. I'll be by to visit.