Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sustainable and Affordable Housing

“I see life as both a gift and a responsibility. My responsibility is to use what God has given me to help his people in need.”—Millard Fuller

Anyone who has read the Sink for any length of time knows I’m about connections. As a recently transplanted Alabamian, I found that Habitat for Humanity, the wonderful organization started by an alumnus of my Alma Mater (The University of Alabama School of Law), has a chapter here in Springfield, Missouri, at Drury University. However, Drury’s chapter among others is taking Habitat and community service homebuilding to a new level. Drury’s school of architecture students designed a sustainable or “green” house. No, this isn’t a greenhouse for plants. It’s the kind of wise design for the future I wish more home builders would engage in themselves.

On Monday, during a morning of heavy rain, the Drury community took the first construction step, building prefab walls, inside an old warehouse. Despite rotten weather, some 300 strong, the volunteers included students, faculty and staff.

I think Millard and Habitat co-founder Linda Fuller would be proud. That dream of helping families in their quest for decent, affordable homes, which started back in 1976 after a trial run in Africa, is taking a new direction with forward-thinking efforts like Drury’s Habitat chapter. Follow along with me to see the "House that Drury" builds.

Note: Can any reader impress me and tell me the name of the other famous or infamous University of Alabama School of Law grad Fuller made his millions with?

Photo used with permission and courtesy of Drury University.


Sarge Charlie said...

Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful organization, it must be, both Newt Gingrich and Jimmy Carter support it. All we need to do now is keep a hammer in Jimmy's

Dirty Butter said...

I followed the link, but the Springfield paper doesn't let you follow their link to see the plans, etc. Exactly what is it about this house that makes it "green"?

Sounds like a fantastic way to build them, inside a warehouse, where the weather doesn't matter.

Sheila said...

I haven't heard many people complain about the work Habitat does. If two people as far apart on the political spectrum can agree about something, there's hope yet.

I hope I answered your excellent question in the most recent post. It was great that there was a warehouse nearby since it was raining cats and dogs.

Joe said...

In an answer to your question about Fuller... his partners name was Morris Dees. It took me quite a bit of digging to come up with it, but I was impressed when I did find out who the man was.

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog. I too am quite impressed with the posts on your site.

Sheila said...

Joe, If I had a prize, you'd win it. Yep, Morris Dees is the fellow I was talking about. I thought for sure the readers from Alabama would beat you to it.

I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Your writing and insight is outstanding.