Friday, November 17, 2006

Alabama vs. Auburn

Don’t call the house tomorrow afternoon until the game is over. Mr. Sheila and I will be glued to the television set hoping that a miracle will happen and that our Alma Mater’s football team coached by the nation’s cutest coach might pull it out. Coach Mike Shula and his run-it-up-the-middle strategy has exhausted my loyalty, but just say Bear Bryant has talked to Jesus and arranged that miracle, then and only then will I give the cutie-pie coach another chance. Auburn has won the last four games, and thus there’s a saying down here in the Heart of Dixie, “Fear the Thumb.” Sheila’s prediction: Auburn 34. Alabama 17.


Jay Croft said...

"Mr. Sheila?" Urg.

The famous baseball player Joe DiMaggio hated to be called "Mr. Marilyn Monroe" when he was married to her.

Sheila said...

Hi Jay. I vacillate between called my husband by his real name or just my husband or in this case, my attempt to be clever.