Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Pigheaded President Changes His Mind & Can This Democratic Dog Hunt?

I sometimes wonder what the international readers of my blog think of my expressions. In case there’s any doubt with the word I called President Bush, let me explain. “Pigheaded” means stubborn or obstinate. I think I’m safe in calling him that especially after last week’s ringing endorsement of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and the conduct of the War in Iraq. The President had said Vice President Cheney and Sec. Rumsfeld would stay on in their jobs after the elections.

Well, I certainly don’t think the President decided to change his mind because Rep. Nancy Pelosi called on him to change the leadership. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if I was wrong and the events of Tuesday and yesterday signal a new day of cooperation between Democrats and Republicans? Something that the President once promised but long forgot.

Rep. Pelosi sets just the right tenor if she’s sincere. “Democrats are not about getting even; Democrats are about getting results,” Pelosi said at yesterday’s news conference. As Jonathan Weisman and Charles Babington point out in their Washington Post story this morning, The New House Majority Offers Bipartisanship – And an Ambitious Agenda, “policy clashes are inevitable. Control of both houses of Congress would ramp up pressure on Democrats to turn their calls for change into quick legislative accomplishments.”

Okay my fellow Democrats, at long last our yellow dog is in the hunt. It remains to be seen if the dog can actually hunt.

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