Monday, November 13, 2006

An Interesting Prediction About Fame

This is not my idea, but I’m writing about it because I thought it was well, interesting. The musician, John Mayer, in his blog, says get ready to say goodbye to Borat. He writes,

“It won’t be the fault of the movie, and it certainly won’t be the fault of Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat’s creator. It will be due to a society set up to adopt, consume and then divorce a trend in dizzying time.”
Mayer continues, “And while Dayton, Ohio greets it, the Lower East Side will have already eulogized it.” Mayer is one smart guy. I call it society’s infatuation with “bright shiny tin-foil.” Feel free to quote me on it. You know, one week all the rage is bird-flu and then what happens. Hardly a word for months. We Americans have the attention span of a gnat.

I love the way Mayer concludes his post, “And if you’re still wondering what leg I have to stand on with this, just remember: I was truly hip for three weeks back in 2001.”

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