Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Don’t Bother to Pick Up the Phone

SERVICESEXT2463 or 702-8181-2463 wants to talk with me. You too. This is why I love caller ID. I always look up who called just to be sure it wasn’t an important call. This number had quite a few posters at whocalled/us/lookup. There was even a funny story about a mother or wife seeing the name and thinking one of the guys in the family had called a phone sex outfit, and they were calling him back. I think after a long explanation, she finally believed him.

Anyway, I think these guys are scammers or at the very least they aren’t anyone you want to spend your time conversing with, not unless you just have a mean streak. What if we all started to talk to these folks and tied up their lines. Maybe that would put a few out of business. I have been known to do that. You know, let them go through their script and then say something like, “Oh dear, I have to go, the mule just got out.” And don’t tell me someone is just trying to make a living. Let’s have some fun.

Christmas Countdown -- 26


Marion said...

I received an emailed joke where, when the scammer called this house, the fellow who answered the phone pretended to be a policeman investigating a murder at the phone number...he had a lot of fun with the poor guy who phoned. I think he even charged him with the murder at one point, lol.

I can never think of anything like this quickly enough!

Sheila said...

Marion, that's funny. I finally wised up and added my name to our National Do Not Call Registry.

Joel said...

Hello Mrs. Noblitt, This is Joel from Montgomery, I was just looking over your site and went back in the archives and found this gem. Oh the horrible polite world of Kohl's! I hope you all are doing well and I well become a regular reader of this joint. Good Stuff.