Saturday, November 04, 2006

A REVIEW: New Borat Movie Lives Up to the Hype

Regular (and irregular ones too) readers at the Alabama Kitchen Sink are well aware of my obsession with the new Borat movie since I have posted about it several times, created t-shirts celebrating Kazakhstan and taken on an alter-ego named Oxana. I swear I had no idea that Oxana is Borat's wife's name in the movie. I got the name from looking at an Internet post about some Kazakh basketball players. One of them was named Oxana. Oxana also happens to be the name of a feral child found living in the Ukraine back in the early 90s. This poor little girl was living with wild dogs. Maybe that's where Borat got the idea for the wife character's name.

Anyway, don't come after me 20th Century Fox about this. IT IS PARODY. They have already been after me for my t-shirts where I had unwisely mentioned the movie when I was describing the shirts. I fixed that and now I think CafePress will let people buy my t-shirts which feature the country of Kazakhstan and sayings from the Kazakhstan Embassy's Web site section "Say it in Kazakh" which is also the name of my shop.

Back to the review. Borat is truly an original piece of work. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it. I would caution the more gentle, genteel and Gentile readers that you may be offended. I know Jewish readers will be. There's raunchy language, men's body parts you may not want to see, sexual references, two naked men wrestling and running through a hotel ballroom, a Pentecostal revival meeting with laying on of the hands and whole lot more.

P.S. The New York Times has a more detailed review that I found interesting.

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