Friday, November 10, 2006

Oxana’s Review of “Borat” all the Way from Kazakhstan

Note from Sheila:
My friend Oxana had a chance recently to see the new Borat movie. I wondered what she thought of all the attention her homeland is receiving and she agreed to write a few words for the Alabama Kitchen Sink.

Oxana say hello from village close by Astana, Kazakhstan. Sheila ask Oxana to comments on “Borat: Cultural Learnings for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.” How you ask Oxana get to sees this movie? Oxana friend, Dmitri (he hockey player) brings bootlegs copy he gots from Swede. We all curious how Borat makes fun of Kazakh peoples. First offs, he not even from Kazakhstan. He in Romania and thez do have big problem with Gypsy peoples. Second offs, he not real but all made up character.

Oxana think Kazakh peoples not mind much. We gets businez from tourixt with lots dollar and euro. Who laugh going to bez on then? We watch and laugh at Americans. Americans even more backward than Kazakh peoples evers be. They no think. Oxana know peoples nice in Alabama because that where my friend Sheila live and she very, very nice, but those peoples in Birmingham nice to man who bring poop to dinner tables. Those boys drink with Borat cute but not smart as Kazakhs especial Dmitri and hockey team. Dmitri and hockey boyz drink koumyss which is fermented mare’s milk but they no go on tv or movie like college boyz does and say stupid stuffs. Sheila say boyz want sue (Sheila explain what that is since we no have that here) to get moneyz from Borat and big American movie maker company for making them look bad. She say also some Turk named Mahir sayz Sacha Baron Cohen (that Borat real name) got Borat idea from him and he going to sue him. Mahir gotz Internetz Web site where he look for women and he have big black mustache and play pings pong like Borat. Everybodys want to sue. What matter with you peoples?

Oxana think it all in fun. World too serious.

“Bugun aurayie tamasha” which mean in Kazakh “It is a beautiful day.”


Naomi said...

Hello Sheila and Oxana

Good post Sheila. Oxana I agree, the world is too serious. Borat is just what we need, to make us all laugh and take our minds off all the bad things going on in the world.

Sheila said...

Hi Naomi,
Why is it we get our best humour from you Brits? Glad you stopped by.

Don said...

Sheila you ask an interesting question about the British. Other than humor (I love dry wit which they are past masters of) it seems to me they excel in cutting remarks as in some really fast retorts, and in understatements that make more of a point than exaggerations ever do. Sir Winston comes to mind.

Sheila said...

Have to agree Don. I watched "The Office" before we Americanized it. I'm thankful for the British wit as well as their talent in other areas.