Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Marketing for the Millennials

I’ve seen a bunch of student view books and recruitment materials over the course of the last year. You regular readers know my high school senior son Scott is in the throes of deciding where to go to college next fall. What sets a school apart? Is it a fancy view book, a family connection, a school that’s affordable or convenient? Who the devil knows!

I’ve been to a college fair where I saw representatives from all over the country trying to build interest for their schools. Yet, to look at their view books, you could hardly distinguish one school from the next. We did recall three schools that stood apart that evening. My son applied at one (Berry College in Rome, Georgia) and was accepted. His dad worked for another one (Auburn University in Montgomery) at the time.

Now, I’ve been connected with colleges and universities one way or the other for nearly 36 years, first as an undergraduate at the University of Alabama and then as a law school student. I even worked for a college before law school. Then my husband made a career out of working for colleges and universities, and our family’s lives have revolved around education in some fashion or the other ever since. Heck, our older son is even working for a community college now in marketing. We believe in higher education.

So, forgive my bragging on my husband, Bill Noblitt. He just found out that the student recruitment campaign he and his staff created while he was at Auburn University in Montgomery (AUM) won a bunch of awards from the Admissions Marketing Report (AMR). There were over 2,100 entries from over 1,200 colleges, universities and secondary schools. Little AUM won seven awards (Auburn's main campus won only one award) plus a Best in Show award that was given to 15 schools including the University of Missouri, Arizona State University and Savannah School of Art and Design. The AMR said, “Each of these entries exhibited the highest production standards, creativity and professionalism. They captured the attention and admiration of our panel of judges.”

And congrats to son #1 too. The school where he works in marketing, Waubonsee Community College, won four awards.


Dirty Butter said...

Congratulations to hubby and son!!

Jay Croft said...

Congratulations to everyone, including yourself!

'Twas a pleasure to meet you yesterday. Thank you for your help!

Natalie said...

Marketing is an art. Glad to see hard work recognized.

Sheila said...

DB and Jay, thanks.

Jay is the first reader I've ever met and it was a pleasure. He's here in Montgomery and I was glad to help, Jay.

I agree Natalie. You certainly know a thing or two about marketing yourself. Natalie is the editor of Fancy Food Magazine and turns out a wonderful magazine for the gourmet food industry.