Monday, February 19, 2007

The New Garden Fence

You most likely do it without thinking twice. Despite their protestations to the contrary, men do it at least as much as women, although women are better at it. It can help some overcome awkwardness and develop social skills. Your immune system benefits from the endorphins stimulated and stress is relieved. And here’s the kicker, cell phones are the conduit.

Did you guess? I’m talking about gossip and “mobile” gossip in particular. I came across this article entitled, “Evolution, Alienation and Gossip, The role of mobile telecommunications in the 21st century over on the Social Issues Research Centre web site.

With the advert of cell phones, we can gossip anytime or anywhere. Now, I have to question this “benefit” to relieving stress a bit. What about the innocent bystanders who must endure a certain degree of stress when subjected to the cell conversations of others?

But I’ll accept that this technology allows us to maintain closer relationships and connections. So go ahead and whip out that cell phone. It’s good for you.

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