Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stop the World I Want to Get Off

While I’m not taking a hiatus from blogging, I am taking one from watching TV news—both cable and the networks. What pushed me over the brink was catching the latest on Britney Spears and her decision to shave her head. This is the mother of two children. For God’s sake, Britney act like an adult or you are going to end up another Anna Nichole Smith.

I’m going to stick to HGTV, PBS, C-Span and a few shows like Friday Night Lights which I want Scotty to TIVO so I can miss the commercials. This way I’ll avoid the endless commercials for prescription drugs for restless leg syndrome, which must be a much bigger problem than I once thought judging from the number of ads I see. And I’ll also miss the ads for sleeping pills and urinary problems. Gone will be the anxiety from worrying that I will have a heart attack.

I can avoid thinking about those poor people struggling in “you fill in the blank.” The War in Iraq will continue without me. AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and countless other diseases will vanish from my mind. Oh, I still care. It’s just that I don’t want to be constantly bombarded by the reality. Let me escape and be the ostrich for a while.

Of course, if anything big happens like a cure for cancer, just e-mail me.


Marion said...

Sheila, I love how you make me laugh!I can hear your annoyance at these constant commercials targeting these maladies, and I chuckled.

Some of them drive me around the bend, sometimes.

And don't worry, if there's an ad for a cure for cancer or any other illness, I will make sure to let you know! lol!

AlexD said...


I have had my mouth full of sand here lately. I am just furious that our media can't do anything else besides cover "pop news". I will e-mail you if Aliens land or a killer asteroid heads our way. GOOD POST!!!!

Sheila said...

Thanks my good cyber friends Marion and Alex. I do get frustrated but I have to remember that I am not alone. If we didn't get annoyed, we wouldn't change. While I can't change the media, I can change and not submit myself to what annoys me.

Naomi said...

Ha ha this post made me laugh Sheila. The tv news gets like this in England too! Sometimes its just nice to take a break and escape from it all. Don't worry if anything big happens, I'll e-mail you!

Sheila said...

Thanks, Naomi. I still can't believe the time news media have spent on the Anna Nichole Smith story. Someone must be watching this crap. STOP IT!