Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Randomness of Life

Monday, Scotty came home with the news that a classmate’s mother had died from a massive heart attack over the weekend. The mother had seen her son, a theatre magnet student, perform in a play the night before she died.

I thought back to that day in early 2004 when I had to tell my freshman son that I had cancer. It was a horrific time for him. For us all. We got through it though, and if Fortuna allows, I’ll be here to see him graduate from high school on May 22. I have got to say, back then on that cold January day that seems eons ago, I didn’t know if I’d make it.

And I come back my son’s classmate. I can barely hold back the tears because I know what anguish that family must be experiencing. No time to say, “I love you.” No time to steady yourself. Out of the blue.

Last night as I watched the ABC News story about Bob Woodruff’s battle back from the devastating brain injury, I let the tears flow. I understand him when he says he feels guilt for what his family had to go through during this last year of recovery. Guilt that some soldiers aren’t doing as well as he is. Guilt that his care was somehow better than theirs and them no less deserving of a “miracle” to equal his.

No one wants to hurt those we love, but the randomness of life intrudes.


Marion said...

"No one wants to hurt those we love, but the randomness of life intrudes."

Yes. Well-chosen words, Sheila.

My condolence to your son's friend...the world has changed irrevocably. Take care of yourself and your son.

Sheila said...

Thank you for your kind words, Marion. I will hug him before I go to bed tonight and be thankful that for today at least, the randomness of life is passing us by.

Naomi said...

Good post Sheila. It's sad about your son's friend's mum. When you hear about things like this, it makes you appreciate just how fragile and precious life is. It makes you realise the importance of living life to the full and making special memories with friends and family. Take care of yourself Sheila.

Sheila said...

You take care too Naomi. It's been a sad week for me. The mother's sudden death, the storms and then yesterday I found out my neighbor is in treatment again.