Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Ads Disappointing

So, I watched about half of the Super Bowl and may have missed some of the ads, but I don’t think I really missed much. Hey, big advertising gurus, where’s your knock-my-socks-off creativity? My favorite ad was Carlos Mencia’s English as a Second Language Class in Beer. Carlos’s advice: if you are asked for a Bud Light, you say, “Me no speak English.”

Then, I’d give a wet noodle or maybe a wet t-shirt would be better to GoDaddy for their dumb ad. It seems to be the favorite “bad” ad; and therefore, I believe it to be successful. We are talking about it and I remember it.

The Snickers candy bar ad with the two grungy mechanics coming together for a “kiss” gets my vote for the grossest ad.

And lastly, does anyone watching the Super Bowl and eating party food really care to be reminded of heart disease? What a killjoy that ad was!


Don said...

Sheila, the Mobile Press-Register online edition has an article about the Super Bowl commercials today @ that you may want to look at.

Sheila said...

Thanks for stopping by Don. I'll check it out.

Don said...

Sheila, I wouldn't miss stopping by every day as long as I'm able to. It's just that some days I don't have anything worth posting (BUT, I have been known to post worthless stuff anyway).

Dana said...

Hey Sheila. I know I haven't been by for a while, but I've been trying to get back into blogging regularly myself. I have just needed a long break, you know?

Anyway, I've missed your blog. It is so witty and fun to read. You rock! Come on over and see my slideshows on my blog.

Dirty Butter said...

I didn't watch the Super Bowl this year. I listened to it on the radio with Daddy, so I missed all the commercials. They've always been the best part of the game, so I'm sorry to hear they weren't that good this year.

So I didn't miss anything, Huh??

Sheila said...

Don, I'm happy to hear from you no matter what the content.

Dana, I directly attribute your blog to helping me start to get readers. You were kind enough to mention me. Glad to see you are blogging more lately. I always enjoy your writing and find the YouTube pieces fun.

And DB, I can assure you, you didn't miss much. It was a crazy game for the first half with the turnovers and the run back. I would have liked it if the Bears had won, but I thought the Colts deserved it.

Tim said...

I was about to turn in my whole comment here, but I decided to turn it into a post instead . . . I was outspired. ;)