Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Next Y2 Scare

Maybe this one will be the Big One. You know the one where the experts really do get it right in their dire predictions of turmoil and consternation. I’m talking about of all things Daylight Saving Time (DST). If you’ve been living your life and not paying much attention to the news lately, you might have missed this threat. Or maybe you were watching Anna Nichol Smith TV.

Anyway, DST will change this year. It starts on March 11, the day before my husband’s birthday. Meetings, calendars, travel arrival and departure times, bank transactions, cell phone peak hours, and other various and sundry time sensitive matters could be in trouble. CNET News has a good article to fill you in on the details. Me, I’m not going to sweat this one either.


Kilroy_60 said...

Wanted to stop by to send you a quick howdy. Hope this finds you well. Haven't been getting around to comment much of late.

Until next time...

Kilroy was here!

Dirty Butter said...

I was the computer tech for our school when all the Y2K talk was being dismissed as unnecessary, because we didn't have a meltdown. We didn't have a meltdown because people like me all over the world made the necessary changes to their computer software, or updated their equipment.

Our computer lab was running on an old version of NetWare that could not handle Y2K at all. We couldn't afford to replace the software. So I ended up setting the clock on the server to be 1972, as I recall. I may be wrong about the year, but the idea was to find a year where the same day of the week fell on the same date. From then on, I had the program set to just not show the year, and we went merrily about our business.

If I had not tinkered with the server and the program, our lab would have quit completely.

So, hopefully, the DST mess really will be overblown talk, or we are in for big trouble, as no one seems to be taking this one seriously.

Don said...

The Ides of March arriving four days early? What I fear more is that our state legislature will be in session devising ways to make life even worse for Alabamians.

Sheila said...

DB, I'm always thankful for the techies who work these things out. I'm not going to worry though since I'm about a far from techie as you can get.