Wednesday, February 14, 2007

English Springer Spaniel Tops at Westminster

As a former owner of an English Springer Spaniel for 13 years and the grandma to a granddog English Springer Spaniel puppy named Monte, I was happy to see that a Springer beat the much-hyped celebrity dog of Bill Cosby’s to become this year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Best in Show. James is a drop-dead gorgeous Springer. Springers Rule!

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Natalie said...

James was such a beautiful dog, and sounds like also a smart, hard-working dog, too. Now they say he's retiring for the show circuit and going back to being a therapy dog, where he has already helped Alzheimer's patients. What a great story.

Now, if only we could get Monte to behave so well!
Poor thing is cooped up because of the Midwest cold spell and needing more time to run. Maybe this weekend.

Sheila said...

Natalie, I have great faith that Monte will settle down and become more laid back as he grows out of the puppy stage. I thought it was great that James is a liver and white just like Monte. Of course, I'm partial to black and white Springers.

Marion said...

I have never been lucky enough to own a Springer, but I have owned a part Springer, named Roscoe.

Actually, Roscoe owned me. He was the best dog! All my dogs are great, but there was a special something about him. He was liver and white as well.

Sheila said...

Marion, I love the name Roscoe. And I love dogs who own us. If we give them our hearts, I think you can say that about most every dog.