Monday, September 18, 2006

Halloween Treats Tote Bag

As anyone knows from past posts or my introduction, I have a cafepress shop where I sell my designs called Sheila For Kids. Once in a while I’ll post something here about what’s happening there. However, most of the time I’m on my soapbox or just reflecting on life and culture.

Today, I was thinking ahead a few days to October, and I designed a Halloween Treats Tote Bag for all those goodies that kids are destined to bring home. With this sturdy bag, which will last for years, the kids can bring home enough treats to share with Mom and Pop. My two sons, Jeff and Scott, always had a hard time finding a bag they thought was large enough for their booty without resorting to the definitely unstylish pillowcase. Poor little plastic Jack o’ Lanterns are fine for toddlers, but bigger kids love to think volume.

Stop by my shop if you’d like to order one or to see what else is new.


NAOMI said...

That's a cute little bag. You are very talented Sheila. Your designs are great. We have only started to celebrate Halloween here in England in recent years, on a much smaller scale than in the States.

Sheila said...

Thanks for your feedback, Naomi. I haven't sold any yet, but it takes time to get noticed by the search engines. I have so much fun designing items for kids. Halloween is so big here. For a while I was afraid some ultra religious types would put a damper on it, but they seem to have backed off a bit.