Friday, September 15, 2006

New ABC Show “Men in Trees” Premiere’s Tonight

Flipping around the tube, I stumbled across “Men in Trees” the other night and got hooked into it mainly because of the lovely scenery since I’m not a fan of that crazy lady, Anne Heche. ABC is showing the pilot again and the first episode tonight at 7 p.m.

Heche, a hot-shot relationship coach with a failed engagement, ends up in an isolated town in Alaska so obviously patterned after “Northern Exposure” it isn’t funny. Scheduled to give one of her seminars, she shows up drunk after discovering her fiancé is cheating on her. After making a fool of herself to the nearly all of the town’s men, she decides that maybe this is the place to really find out about men.

Tom Shale of the Washington Post pretty much had nothing nice to say about the show, which really is okay. This is a CHICK show. Tom, I’d be worried about you a bit if you did like it. And the question you had about why Marin (Heche) would have brought her wedding dress with her to Alaska can be answered: she didn’t. The designer sent it to her with a bill for $10,000. Least I think this is what happened. I’ll watch the pilot again to get my facts straight.

If you loved “Northern Exposure” and are tired of “Sex in the City” reruns (one of the writers for SITC works on this show), give this show a look.

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