Friday, September 15, 2006

What’s For Dinner? E. Coli and Spinach

The Washington Post and a gazillon other media sources reported the latest threat to a safe American food supply: bagged spinach. Throw it out as I did or cook the hell out of it if you are a risk taker.

It’s unsettling to me since so many time-strapped grocery shoppers are turning to these pre-washed and pre-cut bagged veggies to save time in the kitchen. But, just how safe are they? Should we wash their contents or not? Is the Food and Drug Administration doing its job?


Don said...

I guess you may pay in more ways than one for "convenience". Personally, I had rather grow my own and be able to eat it really fresh, right out of the garden and have the added benefit of the exercise I get by doing so. The main downside is my neighbor's cat seems to love to defecate in newly worked soil, and she refuses to keep her cats on her property. Where is Home Rule (with leash laws, etc.) when we need it?

Sheila said...

If I had a sunnier yard, I'd be growing my own lettuce and spinach as I have at former homes. As for wandering cats, I guess the cat lobby is pretty strong. I hate it when my neighbor's cat comes into our yard to kill birds. I know it's nature, but I don't want to see the act.