Friday, September 15, 2006

Strength, Faith & A Beautiful Day

When you face adversity, what gives you strength to go on? Is it your religion? Maybe it’s the thought that you have too many people depending on or loving you. Whatever it is, you can count on having to use it from time to time.

As I worked out at the YMCA today, I cranked up the volume and listened to my workout buddy, Chris Isaak, on the iPod. Soon, the world’s woes and my own were gone for a few minutes. The CD Forever Blue has more of my favorites including what has become my mantra, “I Believe.” “I believe the stars keep shining all though the night. I believe if we just keep trying it will be all right. I believe that someday we’re gonna find our way. And I believe in a beautiful day,” he sings. The lyrics take a darker turn with Isaak singing, “But not for me and not for you.” Then, “I believe, I believe, I believe,” repeated three times.

Despite that one troubling part which I insist on ignoring, I love Isaak’s music, and it helps me face my problems and know that things will work out in the end. I have faith.

P.S. For any readers wondering how the South Beach Diet is going. I’m down below 170 pounds for the first time in over a year. WooHoo! Also, Dr. Mac, I’m now up to two miles on the treadmill. It’s getting easier.

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