Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On the Road Again—Willie Nelson Busted for Pot

Bill and I went to the Willie Nelson concert Sunday. We endured several bands and a miserably hot afternoon before he took the stage. Montgomery’s Riverwalk Amphitheater is, however, a pleasant venue overlooking the Alabama River. Sitting outside in our folding lawn chairs and watching the crowd was amusing. Bill said, “There’re so many old guys with beards that I feel like I’m at a Civil War reenactment.”

The concert itself was a “birthday concert” for Hank Williams who was from Montgomery. Okay, I do have a problem with singing Happy Birthday to a dead guy, but otherwise that part of the concert was tolerable for a non-country-music-loving person. Ray Price, who’s 81, delivered a good performance for his fans, and there was one singer who looked and sounded an awfully lot like Hank himself—even had the yodeling down. A couple of old guys had played for Hank, and I must admit to tapping my bare feet a few times.

By the time Willie came on though, the heavily gray crowd was more than ready. He sang fan favorites like Georgia, Always on my Mind and showed that he still knows how to play the guitar.

Well, apparently ole Willie was having way too good of a time on the bus back to Texas. The bus got pulled over in Louisiana for a traffic violation, and Willie and company were cited for possession of pot and mushrooms.


newscoma said...

My hope is that Kinky Friedman will win govenor in Texas and make Willie either the drug czar or head of the Texas Rangers.
I love me some Willie.

Sheila said...

I've seen Kinky on t.v. and he's sure fits the description "character" all right. What is it that makes us love these non-conforming rebels? As for Kinky, I don't know if Texas is ready for him yet. It'd be fun though to see someone other than the usual suspects in office.

A poster to the Montgomery Advertiser forum who was apparently a backup musician for the concert wrote that Willie was high during the concert. As this person observed, Willie "talk-mumbled" through most of the songs and only started singing for real with City of New Orleans. I thought the same thing, but I was just happy to get to see him perform stoned or not.

And I'm glad the Alabama troopers let the Louisiana cops catch them. Willie's older (75) sis was even cited.