Monday, September 25, 2006

Please Don't Sit on the Pumpkins: Why I Love the Fair

I read a story not long ago about the drop in fair attendance in general. Seems not as many 4-Hers are interested in raising and showing animals for one thing.

However, I love fairs and the Alabama National Fair comes to Montgomery October 6 at Garrett Coliseum. As the wife of a Kiwanian (the sponsors), I'm required to work a couple of shifts. But, here’s the good part, I get a pass good for free admission. Say the word FREE and I’m there.

While some gravitate to the midway with its scruffy-looking ride operators and cholesterol-clogging fried food, I’d rather be over in the barns dodging cow pies and taking photos of the beautiful dairy cows. I never can figure out why except that I grew up in the country, and my Granddaddy Parsons once had a cow named Bessy. He didn’t have many farm animals with the exception of an old worn out mule, Lightning, and some hogs that were only around long enough to be slaughtered and not named. My only attempt as a member of the 4-H Club was a sadly and badly constructed apron. I remember feeling like a domestic failure.

Last year, my normally non-artistic son Scott decided to enter the photography competition with some photos he had taken on our trip to Italy the previous fall. This is a kid who goes to an arts magnet high school; however, he’s in the law magnet and has an internship at the Alabama Supreme Court. It came as a great and pleasant surprise that he won four ribbons and plaques from the Montgomery Professional Photographers Association––one for each of the photos he entered. And he’s at it again this year. Last night he found out that he’d won second place and third place in the unclassified student category, losing out on the first place to a photo of a butterfly.

We only need a little encouragement to try new things, a push to unveil our creative side. We all have it despite what we might have been told in school.

See you at the fair!

top: first place, 2005 Montgomery Professional Photographers Association (MPPA) student competition. Florence, Italy. Shot of the Arno River, Thanksgiving 2004. Available for purchase. ©2006 Scott Noblitt
second: second place, 2006 MPPA student competition, unclassified division. Wall Street, New York City, USA. Shot during a Law Magnet trip to New York, Spring 2006. Available for purchase. ©2006 Scott Noblitt
third: third place, 2006 MPPA student competition, unclassified division. Windy City Bean, Chicago, USA. Shot of the Millennium Park "Bean" which was created by British artist, Anish Kapoor. The real name of the bean is Cloud Gate. Available for purchase. ©2006 Scott Noblitt


Janey Loree said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures and congratulations to your son!

Sheila said...

Thanks. I'll tell Scottie what you said. He's so proud. I believe we all have something creative to express. Finding the medium sometimes takes a bit of time.

Belle-ah said...

Congratulations to your dear son! I bet you did a special rendition of the Proud Mama Dance.

Thanks for stopping by Southern Somedays! I hope you can come back by soon.


Sheila said...

Belle, I'll pass along the congratulations. I have two sons and they are both talented each in his own ways, but they share a wicked sense of humor. So, being around them is always fun, especially when we manage to be together (they are 11 years apart in age).

NAOMI said...

Well done to Scott! Those photos are really good. Thanks for sharing them with us all. Like mother like son! Creativity obviously runs in the family!

Sheila said...

Naomi, you are so sweet. I never could get Jeff and Scott to take much interest in creating their own music or art, but they are talented in so many other ways. Yes, I do think we have a creative family. My husband is an award-winning designer and writer in college public relations, son Jeff is a marketing communications whiz and a creative cook married to Natalie who is an editor of a food industry magazine and a fanastic cook in her own right, and of course everyone's seen Scott's work. He's also the most politically minded guy you'll ever meet.