Friday, September 01, 2006

I’m Tired of Politics and Gamesmanship

In the coming days I’ll probably post one more time about the Carlinda Purcell mess in Montgomery. I want to collect my thoughts and see the dust settle a bit. I wish some investigative reporting would be done into how power and influence dominate this city’s institutions (and I’m not just talking about the Montgomery County Board of Education), but I doubt that anyone outside of Alabama would care. Maybe Alabama is like other cities or areas when it comes to this kind of politics and power in public policy. I thank all of the interested stoppers-by at the Alabama Kitchen Sink. People from Wisconsin to Virginia and beyond wanted to see what happened to Dr. Purcell. When she spoke to the media after the settlement was announced, she conducted herself with grace and dignity. She lost her job but she gave it her best shot, and this is coming from a person who felt she had no choice but to leave.

On a happy note, we are expecting our new granddog Monte. If anyone went all the way back though my musings, you would see a picture of little Sienna who turned out to have health issues. Monte is her brother. I’ll post a picture later. Oh, Monte’s mom and dad will be along too. They are cute too, but puppies always win in the cuteness category.


AlexD said...

This was a great post. Hey and good luck on your new granddog Monte.


Sheila said...

Thanks. All of about 12 pounds, Monte took a dip in the pool today. Of course, he already knew how to swim. We hope to convince him to jump in by himself tomorrow.

Don said...

Thanks to a comment you made on Jennifer’s Alabama Moderate blog I just discovered yours and I’m pleased to see an almost-neighbor blogging on Montgomery issues, so I’ll be reading your blog now on a more or less regular basis. I’m not a blogger, but I have a strong interest in Alabama government/politics at the state level primarily, and I have a website @ dealing with one particular issue – helping make Alabama the 25th Initiative and Referendum state. I would welcome you as a visitor to it.

Sheila said...

Don, I'm glad you found my blog. Thanks for stopping by. I always like to hear from my neighbors. I'll check out your site too.