Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Saving Graces and October is Pink

You will see much of Elizabeth Edwards in the coming days promoting her new book, Saving Graces. She's on Oprah today.I just read an excerpt about the day she discovered the lump. No woman who has had breast cancer forgets that day. The details are seared into your psyche like a brand on a steer’s butt. It becomes a part of you for the rest of your life.

I identify with Elizabeth Edwards in many ways. I supported her husband John Edwards and wished he’d been the presidential candidate instead of John Kerry. I, too, like Mrs. Edwards had let too many years pass between mammograms. And my treatment paralleled hers, as least as far as public details indicate.

But no woman journeys this road without war stories and wounds. At some point you might see me write more about the topic, but for today I’d rather not other than to show you some new designs from a cafepress shop I call hanging in there. One design is my own personal mantra, “believe” with the pink ribbon for the “l.” Never a fan of the pink ribbon, I have nonetheless come to the conclusion that many people do appreciate its symbolism and meaning. Me, I’d rather not advertise the fact that I’m half chested.

And if you are so inclined to donate to a good breast cancer organization since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let me tell you about my favorite, The site, founded by Marisa Weiss, an oncologist specializing in breast cancer, saved my sanity. Here you’ll fine extensive information on all aspects of breast cancer, expert on line conferences, links, the latest research news and an active discussion board. At times during my treatment I would spend many middle-of-the-night hours here. It was my support group.

Elizabeth Edwards is back. So am I!


NAOMI said...

Glad to hear it Sheila! Women like you are an inspiration to others. Long may you enjoy good health and happiness!

Sheila said...

This sounds strange to say, but I'm lucky I got breast cancer when I did. Mine was receptive to Herceptin which may lessen the recurrence chances. So, a year after competing my chemo and radiation, my doctor said, "The research shows that you might benefit from Herceptin." So, back I went for a year of it every three weeks finishing up in July. Now, I just on the hormonal therapy and luck.

Blue Gal said...

This is a very nice blog. Adding you to the blogroll. The pink ribbon ain't what it used to be. I noticed Threading Water has a post up on the pink ribbon from a different perspective.

I'm adding you to my blogroll. Keep up the good work.

Sheila said...

Thanks, Blue Gal.
Your blog is excellent, thought provoking and I enjoyed visiting.

Last year during October I was sick of the pinkness. This year I'm more vocal and feel better. The pink ribbon is more than an occasion for marketers to hawk their wares. If it was all sincere, I'd be happier. Question how much money goes to the organization and what that organization does with it. Don't get suckered into an advertising campaign without knowing where and who benefits.

Kilroy_60 said...

I lost my loved one to breast cancer; she is the one I refer to in the About Me portion of my profile. I posted on it during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. May you be blessed with good health and much happiness for many years to come.

Sheila said...

I'm sorry, kilroy. This is a mean old disease that robs a lot of folks. Thank you for your good wishes.