Thursday, October 26, 2006

Are Americans Gullible?

I reckon most Americans including me have a kind of smugness that makes the world smile a little when we get taken down a notch or two. I have to hand it to Sacha Baron Cohen. He rubbed our noses in our naiveté. Whether it was a Birmingham, Alabama manners maven or a couple of New York feminists, Baron Cohen’s bumbling and crude Kazakh journalist character, Borat, confirmed his standing as a great con man.

When the BBC called one victim for the story How Borat Hoaxed America, he reluctantly admitted that he was the same person who had been duped. Now, wouldn’t you refuse to talk to any reporter or anyone for that matter?

P.S. Visit The Life of 2Me for a look at the real Kazakhstan from a New Yorker in Astana on business.

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