Thursday, October 12, 2006

South Beach Diet Update

Well, I’m still on this plan and doing okay. I haven’t lost a lot of weight, but ten pounds sounds good to me. Eating out’s a challenge, but a recent meal at Romano’s Macaroni Grill wasn’t too bad: garden salad, grilled salmon with asparagus and no bread. My will power is better than I would have thought possible, and I not hungry for sweets like I thought I’d be. Plus, I’m still working out at the YMCA. I’m starting to cut time off of my two-mile walk on the treadmill, but I haven’t lifted weights in a week. Check back next month.


Kalyn said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, and hang in there on South Beach. I've never been able to stick to a diet in my life, but I lost 42 pounds on SB and have kept it off for more than two years, so I know it works.

Tim said...

I've a little pot belly, but nothing serious. I started eating much healthier 2 months ago because Pookie's diet completely changed, so it would be insensitive of me to bring in the "good" food when she cannot eat it.

But mostly, I wanted to begin eating healthily BEFORE I get the high cholestorol and so on. I would not want to wind up like my father and need a pacemaker.

Giving you advice is redundant, as I always hate it when folks give me advice, but I know since leaving the U.S., the lack of the deep fried foods has certainly made me feel better in general.

Keep on truckin', Sheila - you'll "git 'er done".

Sheila said...

Appreciate it, Tim. Here's the deal. You are right. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make her drink. There's an expression to translate for you.

If the cancer wasn't enough to scare me, the fact that I'm hypoglycemic (pre-diabetes if you will) has convinced me to reform. You know the foods Southerners love are not making it easy. Banana pudding, pecan pie, cornbread, biscuits, everything from fried chicken to fried green tomatoes--goodbye except for a rare treat. I refuse to be a diet Nazi to myself. When I eat out at a meat and three place, I normally get a vegetable plate and skip the breaded or fried items and definitely the dessert.

I hope more people can make the plunge. We have to take responsibility for our own health. Sure the portions served in restaurants are too much. Eat half and take the rest home or share. You can skip the fried and pass up the bread, watch the alcohol and make dessert a treat.

Stepping down again from the soapbox but keeping it handy.

p.s. Glad you are not bringing home food Pookie can't have.

Tim said...

Now see, there's the funny thing. They push bread and potatoes here, but probably because the bread here is so full of grain it cannot stay in your digestive tract to have the same effect as that spongey white bread we Americans eat.

Norwegians generally don't overeat with the exception of Christmas dinner. That's the equivalent of Thanksgiving here - pile in the pork, lamb, potatoes, and a few shots of akvavit (or - "Norwegian fire water" - spicy alcohol) to help it digest.

It's not easy to eat healthily in the south when you're surrounded by so many different choices and temptations. After all, even the vegetables are deep fried!

I have found, though I need meat, I eat it only 2 to 3 times a week, and leave the other days to veggies and fruits, with a varied array of grains. Ok, so I do sneak the occasional small chocolate and cola while I'm away from home, but there's certainly nothing wrong with that. :)

NAOMI said...

I think as far as food goes Tim, anything like chocolate or cola in moderation is fine! I think the problem is when people eat a really bad diet all the time. Obesity is a real problem over here in England.

Well done for sticking with the diet plan Sheila. It sounds like you're doing really well.

Sheila said...

Hi Tim and Naomi,
Tim that akvavit sounds like the Italian digestivos my husband is so fond of. His favorites are limoncello and grappa. I can't handle the grappa but enjoy a limoncello to end a nice meal. And yes so much of the bread we eat is overly processed by the time we get it. I've done good without it and stick to whole grains if I have a piece.

Naomi, I agree with you too that occasional treats are fine.

We had to work at the Fair this weekend and I thought I might be challenged with all of the Fair food. I'm sure Tim can relate, but I don't know about you Naomi. Smells from the Midway waft across the entire grounds. Funnel cakes, french fries, burgers, hot dogs, camp stew, giant turkey legs, ice cream, gyros and nary a salad in sight. We just went out to dinner afterwards and I felt like I'd accomplished something. Hate that I skipped the walking though.