Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gallaudet Faculty Vote No Confidence in Leadership

According to a story at Inside Higher Ed, 138 out of 168 eligible Gallaudet faculty members called for President-elect Jane Fernandes to resign or be removed. 131 members wanted to see the board of trustees back on campus to deal with this issue. 80 cast a vote of no-confidence in current President I. King Jordan (love that name). According to Inside Higher Ed, Mark Weinberg, chair of the Faculty Senate, said “This sends a strong message to the administration.”

Let me get this straight. You have the students, a strong majority of faculty and alumni unhappy with the selection process of Fernandes. Yet, the board is continuing to support Fernandes. Is this any way to begin a new administration? Are not the students, faculty and alumni the heart and soul of the university?


Tim said...

"Are not the students, faculty and alumni the heart and soul of the university?"

One would think so, but this is the 21st century, where common sense has flown out the window and splattered all over the concrete.

Sheila said...

Tim, I couldn't have said it better. One day you may see me write about this topic on a very different level. I have a great interest in education, especially higher education and the challenges it is facing today. One of those challenges involves the governance of institutions of higher education. Can you run a university like a business? Do you want to? What happens when you try? More later.

Rev. Jay Croft said...

The news from Gallaudet is coming quickly. The most recent development is that IKJ has cancelled Homecoming. (He will allow the football team to play, though. He must have Alabama blood in him.)

Last night (Tuesday) about 40 faculty, plus many student and staff supporters, marched to the President's House and had a bit of strained dialogue with him.

Next up is Homecoming, this weekend. IKJ says it's cancelled. Andy Lange, GUAA president says, "Excuse me. It is OUR homecoming, and we will go ahead."

Stay tuned. The best source for info is www.deafread.com.

Sheila said...

Rev. Croft,
Did you read the interview Inside Higher Ed had with I. King Jordan? He doesn't seem to get it. Am I missing something?

Thanks for your insight into the issue. I have had quite a few people visit the AKS from the D.C. area. They probably wonder what the devil someone in Alabama is doing writing about Gallaudet, but as I said above, my interest is on more than just one level. That's why I love hearing from people like you who can add resources and information outside of regular media ones.

The Rev. Jay Croft said...

I haven't read the IKJ interview in INside Higher Ed. He has all sorts of consultants and "spin doctors" to try to smooth things over. www.ridorlive.com just exposed one of them.

There will be a press conference later today, and tonight, another faculty candlelight vigil at the President's House (which is on campus.)

Another emerging factor is that Gallaudet's most distinguished alumni are sending open letters urging Fernandes' resignation. Frank Turk, Jack and Rosalyn Gannon, Bob Davila, Merv Garretson, Bernard Bragg are several who have weighed in recently. These names are instantly recognized in the Deaf community.