Thursday, October 05, 2006

I’m Taking a Mini-Vacation to Italy: Part 1

I’ve been so serious lately. Serious and angry about a lot of things. About the state of the world—why have we forgotten Africa and her suffering peoples? About the state of American politics—must the politicians pass the buck instead of accept personal responsibility? About the evil men and women who destroy lives without giving it another thought—look around you; they are not all easy to pick out of the crowd.

What do I do when I get angry, when I see people I love get hurt, when I tire of injustice and poverty? Sometimes I just escape to a happier place and time. For me that’s Italy. So for today, excuse my venting and come along with me on my mini-vacation to Italy. The photos are some of my favorites. And I do remain optimistic that I’ll return. I’m renewing my passport.

About the photos all ©2005 by Sheila Noblitt. All of the part 1 photos were taken on the Amalfi Coast in May/June 2005 during a trip Bill, Scott and I took. We were based in Sorrento and took three daytrips to Capri, Ravello and Pompei. Top left: When I aimed the camera the nun wasn't in the frame--where she came from I don't know. Top right: Villa Cimbrone in Ravello with its much photographed view which I call "sea into sky." Middle left: Bill and I shared an insalata caprese where it originated. Middle right: Capri has so many doorways that I could hardly contain myself.

More photos: Above left: Capt. Bill rented a boat for us to take a "three hour tour" of Capri. Above right: Who needs the famous Blue Grotto where you wait in line like a Six Flags ride. Here's the Green Grotto. Pretty cool. Below: Two daytime photos of our lovely old Sorrento hotel. The bottom two photos were taken from the rooftop outside of our room with a view. The lower right view is of the small port from which ferries leave. The lower left is Mt. Vesuvius across the Bay of Naples--a lovely site to be long remembered. You can check out TripAdvisor for my review of Sorrento's Lorelei et Londres Hotel. We had the triple which was really two rooms at the top with the most wonderful rooftop view. Caution: I don't think all of the rooms are of this standard. Read the reviews but ignore the people who get bent out of shape by a lack of soap holders in the shower. Common on. Just stay home if you are that picky.


Tim said...

It wouldn't be a traitorous thing if you didn't return, you know, as some might have you believe. Wonderful photos, btw. Makes me want to go right now, with winter seeping into my knees.

Sheila said...

Thanks, Tim. I'm already there in my mind that is. I'll bet your winters in Norway would be a shock to this Southerner's system. Italy certainly has its share of American ex-pats. Would that be so bad a life? You never know unless you jump.

Tim said...

You should read my post on Norwegian winters around the southwest coastline. It's not as cold as you would think during the winter. Statistcally, we're warming on average than most of the U.S. during the winter, which we've the Atlantic currents to thank for that.

And no, it wouldn't be a bad life at all. Before moving here, I only knew one way of living, with the exception of going to Brazil for most of a summer. My life has improved vastly, both mentally and physically (knees notwithstanding) since living in Norway.

I would never encourage a person to make such a decision, but I certainly wouldn't discourage them, either. :)

Awakening said...

Such beautiful clear color. Very tranquil. I really like how you focused the lens to capture the different lines, angles and shadows. Thank you!

Sheila said...

Thanks, awakening. I wish I were a better photographer and in another life, I'd pursue photography as a business. However, I'm just a person who enjoys taking pictures of my environment and its occupants. Bill loves to photograph statues and architecture, Scott likes to shoot buildings, and I love the quirky stuff like cats eating out of tin foil or dogs in the ruins of Pompei. Needless to say, our photo albums are quite varied.

Tim, I'll have to go back and read about the winters there. You are only the second person I know who has ever been to Norway. Scott (my son) has a friend who traveled there last summer and I forget what he thought. We Americans tend to get isolated and tend to also be amazingly ignorant of the rest of the world. That's why we love to travel, but when we do, we try to avoid other Americans. I know that sounds strange, but the beauty of travel is that you are exposing yourself to a different culture and its people. I must say, though, on our last trip in Bologna we had a blueberry grappa toast to news of a more favorable dollar to Euro exchange rate along with our fellow Americans.

NAOMI said...

I felt like I was taking a mini-vacation with you when I looked at these photos Sheila. They turned out really well. I have been to Italy a couple of times before but not to Sorrento. My Mum has been there and she loved it. I'm hoping to go back for a third visit next year. I've been to Diana Marino area and Lake Como (where George Clooney has a home). I'm hoping to head for Garda next year.

Sheila said...

Thanks Naomi. You are fortunate to be closer. I haven't been to Lake Como yet.