Monday, October 09, 2006

Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert 2008

I told you I was not going to write about anything serious today. But I lied. I'd rather have these two fellows running the country than the bunch of comedians we have in there now.

Jon Stewart was quoted today as saying he couldn't believe people when they say they get their news from him. Well, believe me, Jon, I get some of my news from you. I'd rather watch you interview someone rather than the polite and proper Katie Courics of "journalism." I know you'll ask the tough questions.

So I wasn't surprised to see mention of the bumper stickers and t-shirts touting Stewart/Colbert 2008. Cafepress designers have been at it for quite awhile. I, myself, haven't jumped in yet, but go to to see some of my fellow shopkeepers' handiwork.

And Jon and Stephen, keep up the great work. America needs you now more than ever.


Tim said...

Believe it or not, I would actually vote for Jon. :)

Sheila said...

I believe it. Jon Stewart is a graduate of William and Mary and is not only a smart aleck, but a smart guy as well. His brand of pseudo journalism provides a needed balance to traditional news sources. Plus, he is geniune and friendly in his questioning. It is a sad reflection that some people feel so distrustful of mainstream media. I graduated in journalism back when we were taught a thing or two about social responsibility. Don't know what's being taught today but somewhere along the line our media have gotten seriously off track.

Our local newspaper was once an award winning (Pulitzer Prize) paper, but now it is owned by Gannett and no investigative reporting is going on. This is a shame here in Alabama's capital city where of course there're tons of stories that need investigating. If I were a little younger and had a bit of money, I'd start up a paper of my own.

What kind of America shows do you get in Norway? Or do you get any or do you just don't care about tv? Our family is such a bunch of "media junkies" that I sometimes forget others don't share our passion. I was nearly run out of the family for once suggesting a tv free week. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Tim said...

We get many of the same shows that you do, with the exception of the local ones, of course. In fact, we receive some of the big series blockbusters before you do.

You're right, I'm not a big time tv watcher, but I do have a few shows I like. The two I have during the week right now are 24 and Prison Break, and 24's last episode is tomorrow. So if you watch it, and have seen it - not a word! :)

Otherwise, when it comes to t.v., I surf a bit, hitting mostly education, history and documentary shows. All else is junk to me - especially those awful reality shows. I'd rather shove an ice pick beneath my toe nails.

Sheila said...

Thanks for the low-down on tv in Norway, Tim. Hey, any other international readers want to tell me about what's on your tv? It's so funny, Tim, but when Bill and I travel to Italy, we are fascinated by Italian tv. He actually understands it; I just love the funny game shows.

Anyway, you may not watch much tv, but you have excellent taste. 24 is my absolute can't miss tv show. It'll be on again in January I believe. Enjoy the last episode. We watched Prison Break last year too, especially since we lived in the Chicago area for over 10 years. This year is still really good but we've not been as dedicated to it. Our son Tivos it and even he is behind.

As I said, we watch way too much tv, but we also do other things too. We are not totally couch potatoes. I wonder how American expressions translate in other languages.

Tim said...

Kine and I have tried to translate American expressions into Norwegian and vice versa - it doesn't work, but it makes for a good chuckle. For instance, "Noe røyker gårde slanget." - which really means, "Someone's high, or someone's crazy." - But see, "slanget" means two different things: "hose" and "snake". So if you attempt to translate it exactly it comes out, "Someone's smoking the garden snake."

It's small things like that which make me wonder, have we translated all those ancient texts such as The Iliad, Odyssey or even the Quran exactly the way that they were written? Or were they meant to actually be comedies? :)

Sheila said...

After struggling to figure out why my Internet connection wasn't working this morning, I was rewarded by my laughter after reading your post. Same thing with Italian expressions or so I'm told. I only know a little basic stuff like the very important "Dove il bagno?"

And maybe you wonder about the translation of certain works, but unfortunately others take the translations as entirely accurate. I noticed you didn't mention the Bible.

Oh well, don't want to rile up folks unnecessarily.
Hope Kine is making good progress with the healing.

Tim said...

I thought I did mention the Bible, but I guess I must have missed that somehow. Oh well, doesn't matter. Pookie's doing much better, thanks! :)