Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Peoples of World Want Learn Kazakh Speak

A NOTE FROM SHEILA: My friend from Kazakhstan, Oxana, is trying to capitalize on Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie. Since the Kazakhs are still learning about capitalism, Oxana asked me if I minded posting this for her. Of course, I was happy to help a formerly Communist fellow entrepreneur out in any way. Please give her shop a visit and learn about her country. She tells me Borat has a few things wrong but some things right. She says they don’t say “Jagshemash,” but I told her everyone here in the U.S. loves to say it. So, she took my advice and put that on a t-shirt. “Bugun aurayie tamasha” means “It is a beautiful day.” Oxana says her people like that better than America’s “Have a nice day.”

Oxana: Peoples, in honor of attention to glorious nation of Kazakhstan receiving by new movie-film, “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,” which opens in the U.S. November 3, I make opens a new CafePress shop name with Say It In Kazakh. Here is way to seez what is there. CLICK HERE WITH COMPUTER MACHINES.

Many peoples of world want learn Kazakh speak. Here you find many words peoples speak in glorious nation of Kazakhstan. Pleasz visit Kazakhstan. We no like that crazi guy says. We culture, beauty of womans, strong mans and out of world landscrape. We not “bleak” like that Brit guidebooks says. We do eats horse and sheeps but no wolf. Come. You seez.


Andrew said...

Sheep may not be too awful, but I don't think I could stomach horse meat.

Do you know Oxana "real-life" or via the blogging network?

Sheila said...

Hey Andrew. The idea of eating horses bothers me on the same level as eating dogs or rabbits. When we traveled to Italy last year, I remember seeing horse meat on the menu at a little trattoria in Bologna.

Oxana and I are recent "friends" and share a keen interest in all things related to Kazakhstan and that crazi Borat.

NAOMI said...

"Jagshemash!" Oxana. Good post Sheila. I'm sure you'll sell a lot of t-shirts with Sheila's help Oxana. Many peoples of the world want learn Kazakh speak. What better way to "Say It In Kazakh" than on a t-shirt?

Sheila said...

Oxana very happys to hear from Naomi. I sell 2 t-shirt today. I hope peoples learn much about Kazakhstan. Borat not just onlys one with knowledges.

"Bugun aurayie tamasha" from Oxana (it mean "It is beautiful day" in Kazakh)