Monday, October 09, 2006

Stephen Colbert Museum Opens in Colbert County Alabama

Stephen Colbert is at it again. This time there’s an Alabama connection. This small county in Alabama was most noted for being home to Helen Keller (y’all remember who she was don’t you?). Well, move over HK just a little bit to make room for Stephen Colbert. I don’t how or who started it all, but Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert Show got the county to rename itself. Last week the show’s film crew was in Tuscumbia to film the opening of the Stephen Colbert Museum and the locals turned out in force with a good old-fashioned welcome. Cheerleaders, the band, the mayor—the whole ball of wax.

Okay, I’m just kidding. The county has been called Colbert County for as long as I and everyone else can remember. And the museum, well, it’s a joke too. Colbert County, you guys are smart folks. Do you realize how much attention and publicity you are going to get? Oh, I forgot, I think you do.

The show is expected to air several segments in the upcoming month featuring Colbert County and the museum. Now, this made my day when I read about it.

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