Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Joy of Cooking

It’s was a pleasant surprise to see the New York Times article today about one of the classics when it comes to cookbooks, Joy of Cooking. I often pull out my battered (sorry for the pun) copy when the mood to cook strikes. These days that’s a rare occasion and usually involves something simple like Joy’s panna cotta.

The new edition (available Oct. 31) will inevitably introduce a new generation to basics like biscuits and more elaborate fare as well.



Tim said...

If only they'd make a Norwegian version. It's not that the selection of foods aren't available here in Norway - just that so many things have to be made from scratch, and can be rather expensive, depending on the season.

I wouldn't mind a sifting through it, though. Perhaps it has some "Norwegian-friendly" recipes for the grocery list. :)

NAOMI said...

Hi Tim and Sheila

Norway sounds how it used to be here in England years ago, when a lot of foods had to be made from scratch. How times have changed! So many people eat convenience foods nowadays, it's nice to get out a cookbook and try something new every so often.

Sheila said...

Hi Tim and Naomi. Joy of Cooking does have some international recipes but I'm not sure about Norwegian dishes. I' not experienced with the cuisine there. Close as I got was when we had breakfast at Ann Sather's in Chicago which is Swedish. Maybe it's better to make things from scratch. It seems everyone starting getting fat when we got convenience and fast foods.

Anonymous said...

Like a good ol' pot of beans for breakfast, right Sheila?! For years I did my cooking from scratch but life got to fast and complicated. I would love to slow down enough to try some of the recipes in the new "Joy of Cooking" cookbook. I voted for you over in BLOG VILLAGE tonight. I currently have four blogs listed there...PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs, Mustang 'n' Cowboys, Twiglet the Little Christmas Tree, and Notes That Touch The Heart.

Andrew said...

I can't even boil an egg, but I absolutely LOVE watching Rachel Ray and The Iron Chef. Go figure... :-)

Have a nice day Sheila, Naomi, and Tim!


Sheila said...

Janey, when I read in Mustang "n" Cowboys about your sons eating beans for breakfast, I thought maybe cowboyin wasn't all that I imagined. Thanks for visiting. I read a lot of blogs at Blog Village too. Dirty Butter has a keen eye for what's interesting.

Sheila said...

It's funny how we love to watch shows where others are doing the work. I'm that way with HGTV where the home improvement gurus sweep in and magically transform a cluttered and dull environment.

My daughter-in-law edits a food magazine and when she attends industry show she gets to meet a lot of these celebrity chefs like Rachel Ray.

Andrew said...

I'm not so sure Rachel Ray can cook very well, but she is cute! But let me tell you - those Iron Chefs are AMAZING! But like you said, Sheila, it's fun to watch others do the labor.

By the way, I acknowledged you and your blog on my first blog entry today. It's at the very bottom. (

Take care, and I'll stop back tomorrow to see your new topic.


Sheila said...

I'm flattered by your kind words. I find your experiences with the megalomaniac intriguing and very mysterious. I'll be back to read more.