Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Settlement in the Carlinda Purcell Case

The Montgomery County Board of Education met this evening and voted to accept Carlinda Purcell's resignation. After a brief executive session, the BOE announced the settlement terms: accrued vacation and deferred compensation, one year's salary ($155,402), $68,400 for relocation and job placement, BOE to purchase Dr. Purcell's house at appraised fair market value, and a general release of all claims and the parties will not make disparaging remarks of each other. The vote was 7 (three white, two black) to 2 black. A meeting was scheduled for next Tuesday to name a temporary CEO although one tv station reported that school system administrator Linda Robinson would be named. The BOE did not announce this.


Anonymous said...

The $68,000 for relocation as noted was a donation by Reed, Knight, and Purcell supporters. It is misleading to think that the BOE gave her this money. I can only imagine it was part of the settlement writing because of the mediation and Knight wanted it there.

Sheila said...

I didn't know the origins of the relocation money. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Warrenton, NC! My family and friends have been closely following the Purcell brouhaha in Montgomery. As someone who personally tangled with Dr. Purcell, I feel somewhat qualified to address her actual and perceived shortcomings.

A few years ago, I received a monetary settlement from Warren County Schools follwing an employment dispute. Dr. Purcell was so culpable in the matter that the local board of education attorney refused to represent her. She was forced to utilize her own attorney, Richard Swartz.

As an African-American who resides in a largely minority county, I can attest that Dr. Purcell is an "equal opportunity abuser". While here, she attempted to victimize a variety of employees: blacks, whites, Native Americans, and at least one Asian. At one point, her behavior was so unprofessional and extreme, prospective new teachers around the state were warned not to apply for positions in Warren County. Our local school system still bears visible scars from her overlong tenure.

Dr. Purcell uses racial and economic divisions within communities to her own toxic advantage. My personal belief is that she is an amoral sociopath with narcissistic tendencies. Hopefully, Dr. Purcell's departure will spur necessary dialogue and eventually move Montgomery residents towards healing and reconciliation. Good luck!

Sheila said...

Interesting. Our interim superintendent seems to be off to a good start. Anyone who takes over this system will have a challenge on all fronts.