Sunday, December 31, 2006

And Now, the Bathroom Sink

Some time ago regular readers might recall, I decided to redo son Scott’s bathroom. In an old house like this one, circa 1930s, there’s a project around every corner. With this one, I stripped off old wallpaper, patched cracks and a huge hole, applied a textured wallcovering which I painted along with the ceiling. I’ll spare you the details, but it was a time consuming process for me. I used to zip through this kind of work. Not so this time. Anyway, I’m happy with the results as is Scott who now has a pretty nice bathroom for the cost of some paint, wallpaper and sweat(mine). I included the photo of the window to show you the cellular shade I found at Lowe’s for under $10. It’s a vinyl, room-darkening shade that attached with a 3M peel and stick tape. How simple!

I suppose this is a strange topic to post about, but I am always curious to see how people in other parts of the world live. So, to further the international dissemination of trivial information, those of you outside the U.S. can now view a rather plain and simple American bathroom.


AlexD said...


It looks like you are a contractor also...that upgrade looks good! Scott should be so lucky.

Great Post


Anonymous said...

Don said...

Congratulations on a job well done, Sheila. The bath looks great and I’m glad you didn’t have to do as my wife did and hire someone to come in and smooth out the walls after she had made them a mess trying to get the wallpaper off.

I like your before and after comparison photos. Our older daughter over in Canton GA started her own business re-doing walls, cabinets, etc., and has a few comparison pictures of her work on portions of her website that can be viewed by clicking on “Kitchens” and on “Entertainment Centers” after going to .

If you know anyone who might be interested in having her do some work for them tell them to take a peek, too, and then to contact her to make arrangements. If the job is big enough she will travel, having done a complete huge house on Lake Martin, and also a beach house near Panama City.

How much do I owe you for posting this ad for her?

Sheila said...

If you are in the area, go check out Don's link to his daughter's work as have I. She is talented. I like to promote talent and so, no charge Don.

Alex, I wish I was a contractor. I have the most admiration for people who can fix stuff. My friend Stan the Handyman can figure out practically anything. He couldn't find a base for a column he was replacing and he ended up making it. Maybe I could learn.

Marion said...

Most of my redecorating/revamping projects are still in my head these days, Sheila.

My energy level is not what it once was...and projects once breezed through now seem to take forever! lol

Nice job on the completed bathroom!

Dirty Butter said...

What a great job you did, Shelia. My hat's off to you!

Now there's this bathroom renovation I had in mind, so when can you come over???????

AlexD said...


I just read your blog on AL.Com. It was awesome. Could you please tell me how I get a blog there, and I promise I wont fall asleep at the typewriter.


Sheila said...

Thanks, Marion and Rosemary. This aging gracefully stuff takes some getting used to. I am so slow, but I did finish the job and that's what matters.

Alex, I'll send you an E-mail. The editor of had E-mailed me and then we talked about me becoming a contributor. I notice that puts up Montgomery blogger posts and so they are monitoring local content.