Monday, December 11, 2006

Time Out

I’m beginning to be a little panicky with chores and Christmas tasks. Shopping is pretty easy this year. I’ve already ordered on-line the couple of presents I needed to get and they should arrive any day now. I have a couple of others to get but there’s no rush. We got the tree on Sunday, and the folks out at the State Farmers Market knocked $20 off a tall tree just to get rid of it. We have it all ready to decorate, but everyone has been so tired that we are putting it off until tomorrow. I sent the remaining Christmas cards out today.

I am still working on that bathroom project. I got halfway through with hanging the wallpaper today and couldn’t bear to be inside when outside it was 73 degrees. I know you are not supposed to stop midway, but I did and went outside into the warm fresh air and the leaves called me over to rake them. And what is the wisdom of this meandering, dear gentle reader? I suppose it is that work will always be there waiting. A soft, warm afternoon in December won’t.

Christmas Countdown - 14 days


Marion said...

Oh, keep writing about those soft afternoons...yesterday we had another huge wind storm, which knocked the power out for hours on the west coast and mainland. And another on its way this evening...your warm afternoons sound wonderful!

Sheila said...

Marion, I can't believe all the storms you have. Is this typical? Well, after another warm day today, we are now getting a nice gentle rain, no storms.

housemouse said...

A nice warm breeze from the South and a breath of fresh air on the web. Finally a BLOG I can relate to. I live in the Northwest and dream of warmer climes. Rain and wind for six weeks. I lived in the South in the early sixties and was not prepared for the racism I encountered. We seem to take one step forward and two steps back. By the way, I'm a white grandma.

Sheila said...

So glad to see your comment, housemouse. For some strange reason we are having a wonderful run of warm weather with temperatures in the mid-70s predicted for the next week. This is unusual even for Alabama and I'm soaking up every last bit to last me when we get cold, damp days in January and February.