Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Four Favorite Christmas CDs

I haven’t found a new Christmas CD so far this year. Any recommendations? Four of my old standbys are: Chris Isaak’s Christmas, Aaron Neville’s Soulful Christmas, Nat King Cole’s The Christmas Song and the classic by Vince Guaraldi, A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Christmas Countdown – 20 days


Tim said...

Well, it all depends on your tastes, but I can see you at least like some jazz, so you should try Mannheim Streamroller, John Tesh, and my personal favorite, Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Night Before Christmas and Beethoven's Last Night.

Dirty Butter said...

I wouldn't know where to begin with albums, we have so many, but I do know which song is my favorite - "Mary Did You Know?"

Sheila said...

Tim, Thanks. I knew a music guy like yourself would have a suggestion or two.

DB, I'm not familiar with the title of that song, but I've probably heard it. I turned on our cable tv to the music stations yesterday and listened to a wide variety of Christmas songs ranging from Elvis to Anita Bryant. Seems every singer has at one time or another made a Christmas album.

Janey Loree said...

When I first read this post, I was in sore need of some new Christmas CD's. While Christmas shopping on Friday, I found a new Thomas Kinkade Christmas CD "Silent Night" and "Celtic Christmas" produced by John St. John.
Both CD's are basically instrumental.