Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Best Christmas Decorations Ever Contest

Over on my new Montgomery blog, River City Views, I started a contest for the Best, Tackiest and Most Pleasing to Kids Christmas decorations. Well, I haven’t tried to figure out how to post photos there, and while I don’t want to duplicate content between the two blogs, I thought I’d put the photos here. Now, even if you don’t live in Montgomery, you can send me yours too if you want and I put them up for all to share.

These are the ones I took the other day at the house on Boultier in the Cloverdale area of Montomery. I’ll post my decorations too when I get them up. I’m a little late this year and I don’t imagine we will get the tree up until Sunday. Mr. Bill has been under the weather and he’s the official bring in the tree and put it in the stand man.

photos © 2006 Sheila Noblitt

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