Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Close Call

It’s a lovely, warm day in Alabama and shopping at the Curb Market was especially nice. Almost unfair, I thought, that the Northwest is having such nasty weather. And unlike yesterday’s near misfortune, my shopping today was ordinary and uneventful.

As I was driving yesterday, I stopped for a red light and my little red Tercel was rear ended by a young woman driving a Yukon with no brakes. After my little bumper cars bump and then a double bump, I jumped out of the car and realized that the only damage was little paint on the back of the Tercel and a slightly rattled me. The young woman proceeded to tell me her brakes failed and that she was hoping I’d go on through the red light. Well, I guess that explained her honking, but I thought it was a case of road rage because I was stopping. I shouted, “You really need to get those brakes fixed before you hurt someone!” And after asking if I was okay, she drove away before I could think to get the license number to report her negligence. A close call and no harm done. This time.


Marion said...

I have to wonder about people sometimes...how could she have driven away with no brakes?!?!?!

I'm glad you're okay, Sheila. I'm not so sure the young woman will be!

Dirty Butter said...

Thank goodness you're OK! She's probably been without brakes for weeks!!

Naomi said...

Sounds like you had a close call there Sheila. Glad you're ok.