Sunday, December 10, 2006

Women and Their Hair

You guys have it simple. I rarely have seen men obsess over their hair like we women tend to do. Right now I’m contemplating changing my style. I’ll wager you that at least 50% of the female population in America is likewise thinking about what they could do differently with their hair. This Yellow Dog Democrat is not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but I bristle when people pick on her about her hairstyles changing. That’s because I can identify. And it’s usually men who are the ones doing the criticizing.

My hair is currently short but getting scraggly. I called to get a cut the other day, and I heard those awful words, “Sheila (I love it that we shared the same first name) isn’t working. We don’t know when or even if she will be back.” “What happened?” I asked, trying to keep the desperation out of my voice. “I can’t tell you,” the voice on the other end said. “Privacy issue, you know.” Holy crap! What am I going to do now? Sheila was the first person to give me a real haircut after mine grew back. She was good too, other than that time she cut my ear.

So, I guess I’ll think about what to do and let the hair grow for a while.

Christmas Countdown – 15 days

P.S. If anyone else notices any tech issue with the blog, would you please E-mail me? One reader had trouble with links taking him to my other blog, River City Views, and maybe I did something I didn’t intend when I put that link in the sidebar. I told y’all I’m not the most tech savvy person.


Janey Loree said...

Funny thing...when we went Christmas shopping on Friday, I made a mental note to check out hair styles. I am currently letting mine grow long. I love being able to french braid my hair and have enough on the end to put a rubber band on!

My observations showed me that the majority of the women I saw were wearing their hair longer, some just letting it hang down their backs, while others arranged it somehow up on their heads.

Side note: I have never dyed my hair because I was given every color naturally. From blonde to black! Well, my youngest was standing behind me while I was working on the computer the other day. He started counting the white hairs...1...2...10...20...30!!!

Sheila said...

I hadn't noticed the longer hair but I think it's nice to have options, like down or up. With short, there's only one. I once had my hair dyed and it turned out so dark that I swore I'd never do that again. Well, I did put an over-the-counter product on when I was going for a job interview. Now, I've decided to stick with the salt and pepper gray. It's a lot cheaper.

Marion said...

lol, me too, Sheila...I've been gray for years, and a couple of years ago I decided to grow my hair long.

Best thing I ever did...I put it in a bun or something and never think about it again!

Sheila said...

Marion, people say you should cut your hair when you get older, but I think some women look better with long hair no matter their age. When I was in high school and college, my hair was down the middle of my back. My mom would trim it and thus I avoided the dreaded beauty salon. I think I was tramatized by a permanent as a kid and never have like going to get haircuts where you are forced to chit-chat. That's why I miss the stylist Sheila. I connected with her. She had seen me and my hair (what there was of it) at the lowpoint.

Dirty Butter said...

PS I just checked your River City link with FF 2.0 and it worked fine. The bigger photos look great, too!

Sheila said...

Thanks, DB. I noticed on the photo upload site that I could make them bigger which made me happier too.

Dirty Butter said...

You're all talking about gray hair --- mine's white!