Thursday, December 14, 2006

Moving Forward to Equality?

Federal Judge Harold Murphy of the U.S. District Court in Rome, Ga., has ended oversight of Alabama’s college-desegregation lawsuit. For 25 years, this case has pitted Alabama A&M and Montgomery’s Alabama State University (ASU), both historically black schools, against other public universities such as Auburn University Montgomery (AUM). In Montgomery, we have three public institutions of higher education: ASU, AUM and a branch campus for Troy University. ASU remains largely African-American, but AUM has a sizable African-American enrollment of around 32%. ASU is 91% African-American. The state will continue programs to try to remove traces of segregation.


Anonymous said...

(Don here, Sheila, seeing if I can post a comment using Anonymous)

I started to ask if you had forgotten Faulkner University, then realized that it isn't a public institution.

Sheila said...

Thanks, Don. I don't know why you couldn't post under your own name but as I like to say, "There's more than one way to skin a cat." Okay, everyone already knows I'm queen of the cliches and I don't really mean that PETA.

I started to throw in the privates in town, Faulkner, Huntingdon, South University and I believe, Regions University (which used to be Southern Christian). I don't know if I left anyone out. I think that's it.

At any rate, AUM has been more successful in increasing its minority enrollment than ASU has. But maybe since ASU is a historically black college, they do not see that as a priority. I remember that there was some program to encourage white students to come and don't know if that has now been discontinued.

Jay Croft said...

Regions University?

Regions is a bank!

Sheila said...

Jay, Regions is a bank and that's why I was puzzled that Southern Christian University changed its name. I always think that the bank is behind the university. Ha.

Jay Croft said...

It's like Western Maryland College in Westminster, MD. It is the only college in the USA named for a railroad.

(Western Maryland Railway donated the land for the college many years ago. Westminster is not in the western part of Maryland at all.)

A deep-pockets donor gave a sizeable contribution and Behold! It is McDaniel College now.