Friday, December 29, 2006

Return to Reality

After my little holiday hiatus, I am returning today to blogging again. It’s good to get away from the computer for a while and focus on what really matters in life – people, especially the ones we love most dearly. I hope you had some time with those you love.

For months, we’ve been watching a huge hawk soar and circle over the wooded lot that backs up to our house. As we sat in the den overlooking our deck on Christmas morning, he swooped down, landed on the fence and let out a big howdy-doody squawk before flying away. We all shared that moment. I wondered why he chose that particular time to visit us. Was it random? I think little is random these days. Time is the one gift we can give each other that is, perhaps, the hardest thing to arrange these days. It’s remarkable that Jeff and Natalie (our older son and daughter-in-law) could spend a week with us along with granddog, Monte. They left this morning with a long day of driving back to their Chicagoland home ahead of them. The house is quiet, and now our attention is turned back to the reality of changes that lay ahead for our family.


AlexD said...


Great post and thanks for welcoming me back. I thought I would be stuck on hiatus.


Naomi said...

Welcome back Sheila! I've also been spending time with my family, (my mum and brother) over Xmas. Love the photo of Monte. Best wishes for the New Year!

Dirty Butter said...

We actually had a hawk land on our deck a couple of months ago! I always knew they were big, but just outside our window like that, it was huge!!

Glad you had so much time to enjoy your family, but it's good to have you back to blogging.

Happy New Year!!

Don said...

Sheila, I wonder if you went to see the light display I told you about, and perhaps took Jeff and Natalie to view it too. You may be interested in reading what some folks said about it, and the little dust-up the owner had with Montgomery’s finest over it in entry #8534 on the Montgomery Forum @ . Jenny (yogibear4), who sent me the directions to it, said that Thyno had received over $2.300 in contributions for the Sunshine Center from those who came by. I think someone said the display would be taken down soon, if not already, but if it’s still up the traffic may not be as bad now.

Sheila said...

Thanks all.

Alex, I'm glad to see you are back. You see so many bloggers who start off like gangbusters and then when you get interested, they quit. You have something to say and readers will value your efforts.

Naomi, it was good you had that time with your mum (I love the British "mum") and brother. I didn't even visit my favorite blogs for a week and so I have some catching up to do.

Dirty, you know I watched this hawk and saw him sitting on the top of a tree. I started to think could he be an eagle he was so big. I love it how here in the middle of a city, we have this wonderful bird. And I thought of those two hawks in New York City who chose some ritzy apartment building to build a nest.

Marion said...

Sheila, Hawk's piercing shriek signifies illumination. If you're interested, Hawk is telling you to focus on your talents; to see clearly and not be distracted by others.

He's asking you to maintain your inner balance. Just my take on Hawks, lol!

Happy New Year!

Sheila said...

Don, I never did get a chance to see that particular house. I might still try this evening. I did, however, read about the problems he had. Sounds like it was just one complainant. Oh well. Good that he donated all that money for the shelter.

Marion, I do find your observations about Hawk interesting. These days I look for signs and connections. As I said, I feel little is random.