Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dog Days of Summer plus a Painting

Yesterday was one of those hot, muggy Southern days when it’s hard to find a cool spot. The huge thunderhead clouds did nothing but make you think it might rain. And sitting outside under two twirling electric fans still wasn’t enough of a breeze for coolness.

Well, if you read the intro at the top of Alabama Kitchen Sink, you know I’m trying to market some of my paintings and designs for kids. Here is one of my recent acrylic paintings of Sam (the English Springer Spaniel who was my shadow for over 13 years). I’ll post more designs as I go along.

Not sure about how useful CafePress will be. What is great about CafePress, though, is that I don’t have to fuss with the order fulfillment end. Plus, it’s easy to post new designs. Also, I discovered the free Hello Metro web sites for over 500 cities including Montgomery, and I have a page there too.

I’m learning about blogging slowly as I go along, and it does take effort to get a blog linked with others. Some are picky about who they take. Some only take women. Some you have to be around for six months. Well, I certainly have enough pent-up thoughts to keep going for at least then.

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