Friday, August 25, 2006

Southern Food and Packing on the Pounds

For over a year now I’ve held a steady weight of about 175 pounds despite occasional bouts of exercise. Recent news about the dangers of being even a little overweight prompts me to get serious. I take a medicine, Aromasin, that’s notorious for adding pounds. I’m hypoglycemic and I have Hashimoto’s (a thyroid disorder). My work is cut out for me.

If I’m honest I’ll also have to admit to crappy food choices and eating out too much lately. So goodbye (for a while) to a typical “meat and three” Southern diet of corn, fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, fried okra, potato salad, peach cobbler and banana pudding. Now don't think I normally eat that every day because I don't. No alcohol, pasta, bread or rice either for a couple of weeks. I’m going on the South Beach Diet. The plan seems fairly sound and not too extreme. Follow me and see how it goes. I will exercise at the YMCA too when I can tolerate Fox News on the televisions in the workout room.

Shameless self promotion: The steer fridge magnet from my cafepress shops reminds me to think before I open the door.


Naomi said...

I'm sure that fridge magnet will do the trick. I like that. It's a nice design! You are very talented Sheila.

Sheila said...

You are so kind. I am struggling and every little bit of encouragement is appreciated.