Sunday, August 06, 2006

Saturdays with Sheila

About the photos: Sand Mountain tomatoes. Outside signage for Curb Market with that glaring error the editor in me wishes someone would fix. Little lady with the basket tells me she is over 90 and is here nearly every time I come.

My usual routine on Saturdays and Tuesdays involves a trip to the Curb Market. After I got Scott to start the lawn mower and I finished the grass, I rewarded myself with a trip to the market. Here in Montgomery we have the Curb Market three days a week, the Farmers’ Market with two locations (open 7 days a week), and a once a week out of their trucks affair at the upscale East Chase shopping area. There’s always somewhere to get the freshest vegetables, fruits and home-baked sweets.

I usually go to the Curb Market unless I’m running low on plum jelly, and then I go see Mrs. Parsons at the Farmer’s Market. Yesterday, I got tomatoes that the Tomato Man said were from Sand Mountain. So far this year, he has had the best tomatoes. The kind you slice up as soon as you get home, slather the bread with a thick layer of mayo, sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper, and stuff into your mouth with the red juice running all over the place. I don’t even bother to peel the tomatoes as my mother did. I also got some field peas already shelled and Silver Queen corn that the Corn Man’s wife shucked for me. Now, this is what we’re having for dinner. Peas, tomatoes, corn, some squash I already had, cornbread and Vidalia onions. (I edited the post to show the meal. I didn't intend it, but I like the shapes.)

By the way, the City of Vidalia, Georgia, is having a 30th Annual Vidalia Onion Festival logo contest which ends August 31. I’m thinking about entering if I can figure out how to draw an onion. Contest details

If you hang around the Alabama Kitchen Sink, you’ll soon find out I have a thing for farmers’ markets. When we travel to Italy, I have to check out the markets with camera in hand, and you will probably see photos at some point. Husband photographs architecture and naked statutes while I photograph flora and fauna (cats & dogs).


Rurality said...

Oh that looks good. :)

Buy some handmade soap from the gals at the Farmer's Markets! A couple of them are friends of mine and they make great soap.

Sheila said...

Hey, rurality. Thanks for the suggestion. I did notice the soaps the other day and they looked good.