Friday, August 04, 2006

One Constant Thing

Wondering when it's gonna cool down. I looked at WSFA’s morning weather and it’s supposed to be in the mid-90s all next week. Where is that cold front the East Coast is getting? Not that I’m complaining. I’d rather have the heat than the cold after living in Chicago that winter when we had 26 inches of snow. Thank God, Bill had gotten a snow blower for Christmas. And we had lived there years earlier when the temp got down to –25 and the front window froze up so bad you couldn’t see out. My poor mother came to visit us for Christmas as she always did and she never did warm up. I love Chicago and look forward to visiting Jeff and Natalie but not if it gets that cold.

But, as humans will, we are always complaining it seems. It’s too wet or too dry; too hot or too cold. Today, I’m glad it’s hot because after I get through with some work and errands like dickering with State Farm over a claim from when a neighbor’s tree fell on our fence, I am going swimming. That's the best thing to do when it's hot.


Dana said...

I tell ya', it's hot up here right now. Well, today isn't as hot as the it has been. Only 88 and that's because a cold front came in yesterday and brought it down 20 degrees.

I'm heading for Bama tomorrow and expect about the same hot weather. But I am not looking forward to winter here again. No way!

Sheila said...

We were up in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. One day in the city with the heat doing the tourist stuff (Art Institute, Field Museum, the Bean) did me in. Great city, though.

Tim said...

I'm originally from Hobart, IN. (just outside Chicago), and let me tell ya, though it can get rather hot there, it doesn't compare to that ole southern heat I came to love. You're right, we humans complain no matter what kind of weather we seem to have, but I guarantee you, after a Norwegian winter, you learn to appreciate summer and not to complain. I've learned when I'm pouring in sweat, just to fling the shirt off and chug some water or tea with ice, then keep my usually complaining mouth clamped, enjoy the fact that it's not snowing, dark and the heating bill flying high. :)

Sheila said...

Hey Tim. Can't imagine living in Norway. We once lived in (endured) one Wisconsin winter, and that's as close to the North Pole as I'm getting.